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The Government of India Tourist Office (Phone: 91-11-332-0005) at 88, Janpath is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm; closed on Sundays. The office has a lot of information and brochures on destinations all over India. They have a good give-away map of Delhi and New Delhi, and will also assist you in finding accommodation. The tourist counter (Phone: 91-11- 32-9117) open around the clock, in the arrival hall at the Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal will assist you in finding accomodation.

There is also a Delhi Tourism Corporation office (Phone: 91-11-331-3637) in N-Block, Connaught Place. They also have counters at New Delhi (Phone: 91-11-35-0574), Old Delhi (Phone: 91-11-251-1083) and Nizamuddin (Phone: 91-11-61-1712) railway stations, as well as the the Interstate bus station (Phone: 91-11-251-2181) at Kashmiri Gate.


Assam, Phone: 91-11- 38-5897
Bihar, Phone: 91-11-37-0147
Gujarat, Phone: 91-11- 34-3173
Karnataka, Phone: 91-11- 34-3862
Maharashtra, Phone: 91-11- 34-5332
Manipur, Phone: 91-11-34-4026
Orissa, Phone: 91-11- 34-4580
Tamil Nadu, Phone: 91-11- 34-4656
Uttar Pradesh, Phone: 91-11-332-2251
West Bengal, Phone: 91-11- 34-3825

The above are all on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, which runs off Connaught Place.

Haryana, Phone: 91-11-332-4911
Himachal Pradesh, Phone: 91-11- 332-5320
Rajasthan, Phone: 91-11-332-2332

The above are in the Chandralok Building at 36 Janpath.

Jammu & Kashmir, Phone: 91-11-332-5373
Kerala, Phone: 91-11-331-6541
Madhya Pradesh, Phone: 91-11-332-1187
Punjab, Phone: 91-11- 332-3055

The above are in the Kanishka Shopping Centre between the Yatri Niwas and Kanishka hotels.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Phone: 91-11- 38-7015
Located at: F-105 Curzon Rd Hostel, Kasturba Gandhi Marg

Goa, Daman & Diu, Phone: 91-11- 462-9968
Located at: 18 Amrita Shergil Marg

Meghalaya, Phone: 91-11- 301-44179
Located at Aurangzeb Rd

Sikkim, Phone: 91-11- 301-302
Located in the Sikkim Bhavan, Chanakyapuri.

A monthly publication called Genesis, available for Rs. 12 from many hotels and bookstands, gives information on what's happening in Delhi each month. Delhi diary (Rs.6) is a similar booklet.


The Foreigners' Registration Office (Phone: 91-11.-331-9489) is at Hans Bhavan, near the Tilak Bridge railway station. Permits for restricted areas can be obtained from here. Four photos are required for permits; a photographer outside the building will do them on the spot for a small fee. The office is open week-days from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm and 2 to 4 pm.

The Foreigners' Registration Office can issue 15-day visa extensions for those who need a few extra days before leaving the country. To apply for a longer visa extension, first you have to collect a form from the Ministry of Home Affairs at Khan Market which is then taken to the Foreigners' Registration Office. A 15 days extension is usually available for free, but a one-month extension costs Rs 800 (four photos required). On the extension is authorised, it has to be taken back to the Home Office, where the actual visa extension is issued. For those who require a tax clearance certificate before departure, it is available at the Foreign Section of the Income Tax Department (Phone: 91-11- 331-7826) in the Central Revenue Building on Vikas Marg.

Export of any object over 100 years old requires a permit. If in doubt, contact the Director, Antiquities, Archaeological Survey of India, Janpath, (Phone: 91-11- 301-7220).

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