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Thank you for visiting the Gay Delhi Guestbook. We would love it if you would ADD to this guestbook we are keeping! Please note that this is NOT a page for personals so please don't abuse it. Thank You.

great site guys
gokoroda <>
Memphis, TN USA -

First Visit to this great site...Wow Delhi is really happening!!! Can't wait to vist!!! Now hope someone builds an equally good site for Gay/Bi Indians in the US.
Naren <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

I like to visit the site quite often. 
Rahul <>
Jaipur, Rajasthan India -
Its one of the best Gay Sites we have about the Delhi gays, why don't you add up the facilities to send gay cards to all your gay friends and lovers. Its sheer entertainment to go through your site.
manish <>
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India -
Guys this is comments area not for posting u r personals any way thanks gaydelhi for making Thursday nights the luscious night for we guys and making such a great website. I'd love to add up in all ways i can. - $$$
$$$ The Million Dollar Gay Guy $$$ <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
I wish the Delhi crowd all the best for the new venue at Soul Kitchen which will hopefully become the new attraction. Everybody knows that this kind of place was missing in this great city and I hope that the management of that place will not give up one day.
Michael <>
Berlin, Germany -
This is a very good & organized site for the gay people. I will like to hear from them all.
Khan <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
All the very best on your venture Best wishes and love from John
John <>
Cambridge, Cambs UK -
A very nice site.
madu <>
Chennai, TN India -
It is nice to know there is a web Site for gays in Delhi. Thank You
Suren <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
this is an excellent site and kudos to those involved in maintaining this site. the mirage disco is not at all gay friendly on Thursday and singles were not being allowed. this is on 16th march. could you re-check the hotel's decision?
arman <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
hi, hats off to such brilliant site on the net. regarding this site , this the most wonderful site i had seen , ever updating and very informative. keep it up
shashank jain <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
I take this opportunity to thank the person or the people for the imaginative minds. It is one of the most organised, simple and interesting websites, other than, I have visited.
Attitude_23 <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
A remarkable site for gays in Delhi and for out-of-towners intending to visit Delhi. Your site provides all information gays could possibly desire: events, parties, cruising areas, massage parlours, personals, etc. particularly since u keep updating the site frequently. it would be nice though if you could introduce a photo album page. with best wishes rameses
rameses <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
A very well organized gaysite.Since I happen to stumble on it by accident, I wished that I had it long before.But I would like to suggest that its best that if you can add Nude Gallery of Indian gay,cos most of other gay sites,at least they include the male nude/men-men together.This will definitely brings people to visit your site.An another thing,have a session added for people from other part of the world(eg.Malaysia),be able to interact by email with Indian Gay(which I find very few).Cheers.
ahma <>
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan MALAYSIA -
Great site and I love the new look. It is so very classy.
Sexy Dilli Wallah <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
Love this site. Fantastic effort. Nothing left out. Will take much advice from you boys when Sangini expands and improves its own web effort. Love you all.
Lesley A. Esteves <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
okay so far, but verry delhi-centric. the gay bombay site has support group listings from the east as well like AASRA, Counsel club and the like.
kris <>
Gangtok, sikkim India -
A very interesting and informative site. Excellent work! I could get lots of information which I'm afraid to ask from others.
Happy <>
New Delhi, New Delhi USA -
Thankyou for the web sight! I'm in Delhi twice a month, I'm a flight attendant. Just wish that I could make it to more of the parties!
John Erickson <>
Boston, Massachusetts USA -
This is a great site which I have beem following sonce last two years.It has come up a long way..Except for some columns like gay stories and coming up tales..they are so pretensious ,false and synthetic.Do we Indians have to have such westernised settings and real as natural as polypropalene! Cmon guys offload your dil ki baat your feelings......! come out of the almarih .,., at least in the web!!!!
ahaa <>
Noida, U.P. India -
A good web site, very informative. will give more ideas to make it better at a later stage.
arun sehgal <>
dubai, dubai United Arab Emirates -
I am very pleased by this site. Very well designed and very imformative for new gay new commers to Delhi. I wish other web pages such as Gay Bombay, was so informative and well designed. Do keep up the good work!!!
Surajit <>
Pune, Mharashtra India -
my applause to the webmaster for his attempt at a wonderful web site. it is informative, and visually attractive. wishing him and all you guys out there the very best. with love
wickhams <>
bombay, maharashtra India -
Thanks for all the info that I get from this site. I visit DEL about once every second month (Flight-attendant)and my stop-overs would be so boring without it. /Love Viking
Viking <>
Stockholm, Sweden -
What I love about this site is that it is regularly updated and is chock o full with information on the Gay scene in New Delhi. Great Going!
Sexy Bee <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
When I miss all the fun I had in Delhi, I come to your page!
Indogay <>
Miami Beach, New Delhi India -
Hi! A great effort indeed!The site is absolutely incredible with so many features and is regularly updated! I wish peace and happiness to all!
love & passion <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -
Love this site, it has to be the most informative city Gay site I have ever visited. Keep up the good work and Thanks. Regards, Cover Boy
Cover Boy <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -